Front Range Vision Meeting - March 20, 2014 - NACAF - October 16-18, 2014 in Denver

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The North American Central Asian Forum - October 16-18, 2014 in Denver

Our Purpose

- ignite passion for the unreached Central Asian peoples living throughout the world
- ignite passion in people who are willing to reach these unreached
- ignite passion for partnership for this region....

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To bring together the best ministry resources in North America for connecting and engaging with people from Central Asia.

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2013 Forum

Our 2013 Forum is now history. Watch for special downloads from the forum speakers

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What for special announcements here

We just completed our, "Share the Vision" meeting in Denver. We had a great time together with a great group of people passionate about reaching Central Asians

What participants have said:

Synergy is an important key to exponential movement of the Gospel and NACAF is the place to see it happen. It was nothing less than the providence of God when He gave me a vision for a video project to reach into every home in Central Asia. Just as encouraging was the fact that I met a brother at NACAF with a complementary plan that the Lord had put on his heart. Our skills and years of experience and training came together there to move this vision forward in great ways. | Overall picture of Central Asia scene from so many perspectives. Loved the focus on the Lord, prayer & worship. | Great chance to renew connections in Central Asia and hear an update of what’s happening. | Ideas for strengthening partnerships with our sending church. | To see so many together who are interested in and hopefully become passionate about the people of Central Asia.