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About James Wright

Sitting cross-legged in a remote Central Asian yurt, walking in the shadow of Mt. Ararat or drinking Turkish coffee on the Black Sea has made James Wright often wonder, what could make a person from the other side of the world leave the comfort of home to experience such extremes?   Though many people travel motivated by the thrill of adventure and discovery, there's much more.  Jesus put it plainly, go seek the lost sheep of Abraham. 


Along with his wife and family, James has worked to seek lost sheep among Turkic people groups since 1992.  They have learned to speak Kazakh and Turkish and have focused on understanding and appreciating many aspects of the Central Asian cultures.  Their work has included church-planting at all stages from first contact and seed sowing to developing leaders of new churches.  James also writes extensively.  He holds a PhD in Missiology and views writing as a vital part of spreading the Gospel among Muslims and mobilizing the church to obey Christ's command to make disciples of all the nations. 

1 Kyryz women in kitchen section of yurt
4 Kyrgyz fruit-sellers in winter
2 Uzbek pensioners relax in the tea-house
Kyrgyz - Mountains
centre of asia

Books by James Wright

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